Monday, 13 June 2016


Photography has taught me that i'm very picky about what i take pictures of while also being indecisive. Confusing combination right?what challenged me during this semester was the fact that i always forgot what i needed to do. I think my best works where the flower pictures and the moon. they had an interesting feel to them.If i had to redo some pictures they would be some of the flower ones because some are very blurry.when I take pictures in the future i'll remember about positioning and lighting.
if you don't have the right lighting you either look like a ghost or a silhouette.My favorite time of day to photograph is either at dusk or midnight, because i love the moon and the dark colors. the way you take a good photograph is by having perfect lighting, good clarity, and be close up.What signifies a good photograph is something that has depth and feel to it. Something that leaves you in awe.